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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Value Subtracted

I got a new guitar amp for my birthday last year and have been having all kinds of fun making noise in the basement. Now that I've had a chance to play through my gear for a couple months I've decided that a couple of the effects pedals I bought initially aren't exactly what I want. So in a time-honored tradition I'm looking to swap some gear.

I listed them on craigslist (overdrive/distortion, Chorus). I got an email two hours later from a dude in Poulsbo (across Puget Sound) who stated that if I was to take an hour an a half of my time, buy a $6 ferry ticket to Kingston he would gladly meet me at the ferry and buy the pedal from 30% less than I'm currently asking.

So here's the breakdown:

Initial sale price: $100
Discount to $70: -$30
Ferry ticket: -$6
90 minutes of my life: -$45

Net profit: $19.

Did I mention that it's barely used and it retails for $180? I thanked him for his creativity, and informed him I could get more money trading it in on the product I actually want to own and save myself that $51 in opportunity cost.

He told me I drive a hard bargain.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Is This As Bad As It Sounds?

If Your Wife Doesn't Find You Handsome, She Better Find You Handy!

The Fridge stopped working yesterday. It's only a year old, so I figured it must be something simple. After a quick internet search I found this place which is both helpful and hilarious. The auther refers to the refer and the freezer as "the beer compartment" and "the ice cream compartment" "Some people like to use the beer compartment to keep their food cold & veggies fresh...". Anyway - I mystified my wife by fixing the fridge during the commercials on"The Deadliest Catch".

God Bless Al Gore for inventing the internet, otherwise I'd be significantly less handy with nothing but rotting food and warm beer in the fridge!