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Friday, June 29, 2007

In-law Update

Mrs. Fishpimp's parents live in South Lake Tahoe near where the big forest fire is burning currently. Several people have called/e-mailed to express their concern so I thought I'd publish a little bulletin here. They're fine, the fire seems to be contained several miles from their home. They did send some photos from their back yard however.

Check it out:

This is about 1 hour after the fire began burning.

Here's the view Sunday night.

Of course, my father-in-law believes in making hay while the sun shines, so he decided to mulch the yard until an evacuation order came, which hasn't yet. Cross yer fingers!

Friday, June 15, 2007

A Heavy Burden

I've been having a really rough time with an account I sold last month. I find it hard even getting out of bed on days like these. I don't know how I even manage. The account is a major resort on San Juan Island. Today I have the unbearable task of spending the day to driving up to Anacortes, taking a spectacular hour and a half ferry ride through the beautiful San Juan archipelago to the quaint port of Friday Harbor to deliver a massive order of chef's jackets.

Here's how tough I've got it: This account is so large that it accounts for nearly 40% of my annual sales goal. The Food & Beverage manager called me and asked to do business with my company (my fishhouse buddies would joke that all I did was just pick the order up off the fax machine). I closed the deal with my boss's boss on the call, who told me afterwards "If I were going to make a video of how to sign an account that's exactly how I would have it scripted." I have had to spend 3 days out of the Seattle rat race to hang out in the sunny San Juan Islands. My contacts at the resort are some of the easiest people to do business with, very professional, very cooperative. On top of all rental business they're buying about $10,000 worth of clothing from me. You can see how miserable I am. I am utterly inconsolable right now as I watch the eagles soar & sailboats glide while cruising through Guymes channel on my way to Orcas Island. The most terrible part is I'm getting paid a king's ransom to do it all. The only way it could possibly be any worse is if I am forced to enjoy a delicious ice cream cone while strolling through the marina passing time until the ferry arrives. What an awful way to start the weekend. Uff Da!