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Monday, October 20, 2008

"Action"-Packed Anniversary

The Fishpimps celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary the other day. We’re trying to sell our unoccupied rental house right now; with two mortgages finances are a little tight but I still found the cash to buy Mrs. Fishpimp a nice bouquet of flowers down at Pike Place Market.

On the way back to the car I got a call from a nightclub looking to rent custom logo dustmats from us. I offered to stop by immediately since he was on my way back to the freeway. I didn’t recognize the name of his place, so I parked at the intersection closest to his address and started looking around. On the third pass across the area I realized that my appointment was at the former Déjà vu.

That’s right: I went to the strip club on my anniversary.

For fidelity’s sake, I’m fortunate that the managers office is upstairs and no where near the “action”. It should be a nice little account, but in this case I’ll probably shy away from my pattern of patronizing the accounts I’ve sold. Even if I don’t end up selling the account at the very leaset I got a good story out of it.