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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mind Over Body Over Mind

We got a bunch of snow on Sunday & Monday. I was supposed to go up to Anacortes & Oak Harbor on Tuesday, but after turning on the traffic at 6:00 AM and hearing about people still trying to get home from the Seahawks game the night before I decided to just stay home catch up on paperwork and make some phone calls. I got a fair amount done, but by the end of the day I thought I was coming down with a cold. It turns out it was all in my head – see, when I decided to stay home, I didn’t get into business clothes, just put on some long underwear and a toque. It’s the same ensemble I wear when I stay home sick. After staying inside all day in my sick clothes my subconscious began telling my body I must be ill. So I had a cup of wassail with a healthy measure of brandy to fool my subconscious into thinking it was Nyquil; immediately I felt better.

On a separate note: We saw the Bare Naked Ladies on Sunday night at the Everett Events Center. There were a ton of no-shows due to the snow; the Canadian band felt right at home. I have two comments on the show: 1) the BNL are fantastic live; and the Everett Events center is a great place to see a concert.


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