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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Scorched Earth

We have a sales meeting every morning. It is used as a forum to discuss distressed inventory, goals, sales opportunities, etc.. Simon concludes every meeting with a bennediction of "Scorch the Earth!". A reference to how we approach our competitors.

Between increasing competetion and rising costs of doing business our margin is getting "compressed" - that's not good. So in the middle of a tirade about increasing margin Simon extorts: "The days of 'Scorch the Earth' and flame-throw anything that moves are gone!". We were all taken aback. To say the days of "Scorch the Earth" are gone is a major paradigm shift around here. Fortunatly, all was set right at the end of the meeting when Simon sent us off with a hearty "Ok, Scorch 'Em!"

He's all talk.


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