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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Life is pretty exciting at the Fishpimp's right now. We're closing on our new house on Tuesday. We're moving on Saturday. We're renting out our current place and the new tenants move in on Sunday. We've got a lot to get done this week - changing addresses with everybody, setting up new accounts, packing, cleaning, etc. And Mrs. Fishpimp just left for a week in London! So it's all on my shoulders! Damn! Her boss sent her off to this convention - it's supposed to be the largest travel trade show in the world, but the timing is absolute crap. I'd let him off the hook if he was going to help us move (our new place is less than a mile from his house), but he's off surfing in Honduras! Outrageous! Actually, he's a great guy, but this is America where we blame others for our problems.

In continuing the tradition of buying stuff for myself when Mrs. Fishpimp leaves the country I went out and picked up a new video card for the computer. My lovely bride got me a copy of Civilization IV for my birthday last week and it called for a hardware upgrade. Not that I'll have much time to play this week.

On a separate note, last week I went out for a drink with an old friend from my days in Skagway. I had a couple sub-par Old Fashions, then tried the house Cosmo-derivation with Grand Marnier - tasted just how an Old Fashioned should taste without the soda. So I've been looking for a similar recipe on the internet - I found some interesting looking drinks, including one that Luke would just die for.


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