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Monday, October 17, 2005

King of Kings

A few weeks ago we made some changes around here. It used to be each of the salespeople had to work a Saturday morning 4 times a year. We got rid of that shift to the delight of many and disgust of a few. Now, instead of a Saturday morning, 4 times a year we are working a Monday night, inputting orders from the voicemail. I'm working tonight. There is no T.V. and radio reception is crap, so I'm reduced to tracking Monday Night Football on the internet. It looks like a great game, especially now that Indy is on a 31-3 rally. To kill the boredom I went digging through my phish photos for something "blog-worthy" and came up with these:

It's the nicest King crab you will ever see. Here's your seafood lesson for the day: King Crab is graded by the number of legs per ten pounds (which is kind of confusing since they're always sold in 20 Lb. cases!) Your normal run-of-the-mill buffet king crab is usually a 20/up count - which works out to be less than 8 oz per leg, less than 1/2 of which is actually meat. A fine dining establishment will often run a 14/17 or a 16/20. If it's a really nice place you might get a 9/12 count. These big fatties are a 4-8 count! Remember that's 4 to 8 legs per 10 pounds - meaning they're averaging nearly 2 Lbs per piece! Some legs are near 3 inches in diameter! They look more like an early-Germanic war club than fine Seafood. And here's what the fishnerds and frou-frou chefs will be all twittering about: no barnacles - they're completely clean.

Anybody with a spare $300 want a box?


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