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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


One of my favorite things in life is the comedy of Roy D. Mercer. He's the Oklahoma answer to the Jerky Boys. He's got one bit where he calls Goldberg the wrestler. He claims Goldberg signed his son's forehead with a permanent marker which has caused him to go blind and lose his job at the Big Boy. Because of that he demands money from Goldberg or else he's gonna whoop his a**. Goldberg, perdictably, get's rather indignant: "Yeah? You and what army?" My man R.D. answers him "It ain't nothing for me to whoop a man's a**. It don't matter that yer one of them wrasslers; I know that ain't real, 'cept down in Mexico."

I think Roy was right - these posters were everywhere down there.


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