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Saturday, December 09, 2006

San Francisco

I spent the week in San Francisco at the company’s national sales meeting & had a great time. We got in early and took the afternoon to explore the city a bit. Two of my coworkers & I took a cab out to Haight Ashberry to look at vintage music equipment & drink beer. Then we took another cab down to Fisherman’s wharf to drink more beer & eat fried oysters. We had trouble finding a cab back to the Hilton @ Union Square so we walked 22 blocks back up the hill. We could have taken the famous S.F. cable car, but I refuse to pay $5 for public transportation, historic or not.

The next day I walked up to Chinatown to buy Mrs. Fishpimp a little something & eat a humbow. I haggled with the shop keeper and got her to throw I a free magnet – I am a bargaining force to be reckoned with.

At dinner I sat next to the Regional Senior VP of the company and tried real hard to be on my best behavior. We told him about going out to Haight Ashberry and he asked us if we got any good weed, since he heard that was a good place for it. He’s a good sport.

Before going home the entire Seattle team went out for sushi. It was terrible. The pre-made crap at the grocery store was better than what we got. A coworker dared me to eat the entire lump of wasabi left on my plate – about 3 tablespoons. I got her to pony up $30 before I did it. I washed it down with beer so fast that it didn’t burn at all, but I did have a rumblin’ gut for a couple hours, not as bad as one might think. It turns out I needed the money; upon my return to Seattle I was to go directly to Mrs. Fishpimp’s company holiday party at the Kasbah restaurant on Crown Hill, but hadn’t packed enough clothing. So I used the cash to buy a new sweater.

I love it when the plan comes together.


Blogger Humbaba said...

My favorite watering hole in San Fran is Edinburough Castle, a lovely dank dive in the tenderloin. Dark wood, beat-up wood benches that look like they date back 100 years, lots of good imported european beers on tap, and the only food you can get is fish-n-chips, when you order someone goes down the alley to a nearby fish joint and returns with them wrapped in newspaper.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome blog (and pics!!)....
How does your wife feel about being called Mrs. Fishpimp?

Lee Mac

4:28 PM  

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