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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Smell a Law Suit Coming

I heard this radio spot for VW this morning. It sounds just like something Luke would have written. It goes like this:

"Civic Center"
-Yeah, I’d like to enter the demolition derby this weekend.
"You drive the demo circuit before?"
-No, but I just got a new Jetta, blah blah, Crash test, blah blah, Highway Safety Board.
"You wanna crash your new jetta?"
-A small price for victory when you’re… Iron horse!
"Iron horse?"
-That’s what I’m calling my new Jetta.
"We already got an Iron Horse."
-Oh… then I shall be Evil Iron Horse It’ll Iron Horse versus Evil Iron Horse; loser is banished from demolition driving…forever.
-You realize you’ll be up against 30 professional stunt drivers who are trying to destroy you and your car?
(pause)Viva Iron Horse!*click*

I think someone stole a page out of Luke's "notebook of hilarious comedy ideas." Hell, he even drives a Jetta. Where do you think the idea came from?!?! This is an outrage! It's an insult to humanity!

At least it's an entertaining outrage.


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