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Monday, January 03, 2005

New Years Resolutions

We're hardly a slender bunch here at the house of fish. Most folk would fall under the 'obese' category according to the CDC. Two of us have managed to lose a bunch of weight in the past year or two - but have fallen off the wagon. I personally dropped 50 Lbs in 2002, and managed to keep most of it off, but the holidays were not kind to me, and I've gained too much back. So we're running a little competition here to see who can lose the most in the first two weeks of the year. I think I've got a pretty good chance of winning, since I'm the only one around here who actually exercises. Wifey-poo bought me a trainer for my birthday so I can ride the bike inside while it's cold, dark, and rainy outside. But a contest such as this calls for drastic measures, I'll be cutting out caffeine & high-glycemic foods, and drinking a ton of fluids. I'll also have to start running more - maybe 4 days a week, I think I can get up to 20 miles a week without hurting myself too bad.

The only other guy who actually has a plan just quit smoking, so he'll have that to deal with! Seriously, I'm in it to win it. I got this thing all locked up. Any my prize?

Lunch at McDonald's, oh, yeah.


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