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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Auto Pilot Uptade

I have to update my 6/8/04 Post for you all. So we had a test kitchen & conference room put in over the summer. It's great - huge Viking gas range, lots of counter space, 2-bin deep fat fryer, Huge Fridge & Freezer, retractable overhead screen & projecter - a real class job. We have our sales meetings up there every morning.

So today, when we had the weekly solemn reading from the company handbook (aka 'the bible') Simon goes behind the counter and starts cleaning out the fridge, just throwing stuff out onto the counter. While we're supposed to be listening with great reverence, he's back there shouting "Aw, Shit!! WHO LEFT THESE GODDAMN STEAKS IN HERE?! THEY'RE LEAKING ALL OVER EVERYTHING GODDAMMIT!



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