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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Nicknames II

As I had detailed, we’re a compassionate & affectionate bunch of fishpimps; the nicknames we give each other are fine illustrations of our camaraderie. I’ve already written about the man we lovingly call “Cat Shit” & Chainsaw. I’ve written about the Baron, who is also referred to as Pancho Grande, Big-boy, & "T.T." which is short for Ta-Tas (“Baron! Put on your sports bra! We’re going downtown!”) Then there’s the office tough-guy who got stuck with “Pumpkin”. Because of his consistent low-margin sales we worry the senior sales rep is giving away the farm - his moniker: “The Underbelly”. The new guy is made in the mold of the Baron, only taller, so now he answers to "Baby Huey" or "Big Bird".

But my favorite name goes to the Norwegian. Someone once said that he’s “as useful as tits on a frog”. Hence: “Frog Tits”. I laugh every time I hear it.

Frog Tits. HA!


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