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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Windows Update 3.1

I spent St. Patrick’s Day in T-town with some friends from college. After a few Irish Carbombs and a fat Partega stogie I crashed down there. While we were breakfasting at the Hob Nob the “Sales Manager” from Statewide called back. I think Mrs. Fishpimp did a good job handling the call. Here’s how she tells me it went down:

‘So Jared (the kid) tells me the reason you’re not buying our windows is because of the price.’

Wellactually, part of it was price, but it was also your sales tactics. Calling my husband stubborn was uncalled for an unprofessional.

‘Oh, well, they were from the residential sales department, I’m from the commercial department. So I don’t know what they said, but I can offer you more competitive pricing.’

I don’t care what department you’re from, you’re all Statewide windows, and now I want to know if you’re calling me offering me lower pricing why didn’t you just offer it to us three weeks ago instead of wasting an evening of our lives?

‘Like I said, I work in a different department, and I’d like to come out and show you what we can offer you.’

And waste another 3 hours? No thank you. We are not going to buy windows from your company, regardless of what department you’re in. Goodbye.

‘But…’ *click*

I would have led him on a little longer before I dropped the hammer, but I think she represented well.

On a separate note: Guinness out of the bottle makes an awful carbomb, the carbonation creates an umpleasant experience, it was reminiscent of when they made us pound a bottle of Andre Brut in the frat. I say get the draught cans for your home I.E.B’s (improvised explosive beverages)


Blogger JFlaming said...

Guiness requires a tap. Period. No other delivery will do, for any purpose.

I'll refrain from commenting about a frat that pounds cheap champage. Of course, my house went skeet shooting on Sundays for brotherhood development, and at one point had only one member who drove anything besides a pickup truck. How do you spell redneck in Greek, again?

5:36 PM  

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