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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunday's Musings

Amigos. I've got a lot of partial column ideas floating around, but not enough time to work them up, so I'll just drop them off here:

I work Sunday through Thursday. It's a bit of a drag being on a different schedule than the rest of the world, but it's also nice to start the weekend one day earlier. Sundays I just dial for dollars - most of the calls are for other reps, but hey, we're all one big happy team, and we're not on comission anyway. It's a pretty mellow gig. I spend about 40% of the time on hold, so I've got lots of 2 minute segments of time to throw this together today.

I enjoyed reading the latest-greatest over at the Tangential Jeff Schell today. It reminded me of many of our clients - the people who we trust to be our seafood experts are often no more qualified than the kid making my small blueberry cheesequake blizzard at DQ. Here's the transcript from a call I got a few weeks ago:

“Hi, this is Mike, from store 1234. I want to put together a fish order, can you call me back in 30 minutes?”

“You’re calling me now to ask me to call you in 30 minutes?”
“Why don’t you call me whenever you’re ready?”
“I don’t have a phone.”
“You don’t have a phone?”

Of course that begs the question: “how are we having this telephone conversation if you have no phone?” But I resisted. Arguing with grocery help is futile.

Then there's the guy with the thick Asian accent thinks he sounds cooler if he adds a nice Southern drawl to the mix. He was really cracking me up today. I'd love to do an impression for you, but I just don't think I can make it happen from my keyboard here.

I've also got some non-seafood-counter-clerks-aren't-very-smart things for y'all, but I think I'll put them together for another post.

And one Copper River note: I wrote a whopping $30,000 in sales last week, and I'm stoked - that's up roughly 50% from where I had been for the past month or two. The funny thing is that this time last year I wrote $478,000 in a week. But I handed off the chain of stores that powered that run and am starting from scratch. Simon is fond of saying that the best sales people can take a ball of air and make a territory out of it. He also says a good rep could sell snowmobiles in Miami before long. I wonder if Arctic Cat has a franchize in Florida yet, cause I'm on the way, suckafoo!


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