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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Intellectual Tourettes Syndrome

The House of Fish is not exactly a center of intelligence. Conversation topics around the office range from female body parts, to who is/is not gay, to which co-workers are the most inferior, to the merits of various sports franchises. Yesterday the debate was about the treatment of Iraqi P.O.W.s by their American captors. The general consensus was the standard "war is hell" argument, combined with a little "they probably deserved it", also "it was payback for the American civilians who were dragged through the streets of Fallujah", and finally "if they hadn't taken the photos, this wouldn't be such a big deal".

Scholars in foreign policy we are not.

Yesterday I caused a blow-up in the morning sales meeting by stating that our "team" was anything but. That, as salespeople, we are competitive by nature, and adversarial by corporate culture. I had reverted from Fishpimp to Sociology Major. I cried out the inconsistencies between office policy and practice. The Injustice! The oppression & exploitation of the lower class by the Bourgeoisie! I nearly incited a revolt of the proletariat (all 3 of us). Karl Marx would have been proud.

In discussing the events of the morning with another manager from a different department I was diagnosed with a new form of mental illness: Intellectual Touretttes Syndrome. Apparently, I have these ticks and fits where I randomly spew logic and insight around the office. Unfortunately, these bouts are misinterpreted by my coworkers, who just think the I'm the weird collegeboy. Perhaps I should take the advise of Simon who told me once "Just keep your head down, maybe you'll last longer"